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M.O.T. Class 4 And 7

What Is An M.O.T.?
M.O.T. stands for Ministry of Transport. So all cars that have passed an M.O.T. test are in compliance with the Ministry of Transport’s rules and regulations.
Any vehicle that is UK registered and more than 3 years old MUST be M.O.T. tested each year to ensure they are safe and environmentally friendly. An M.O.T. test can take between 45 minutes and an hour, and can be booked up to a month before it’s actually due.

What Is Checked?
Every piece of M.O.T. testing equipment used at Hazel Grove Auto Centre is approved by the Vehicle and Operating Service Agency (VOSA). An M.O.T. test will include:

  • Exterior checks
  • Interior checks
  • Brake performance test
  • Under bonnet inspection
  • Under car inspection
  • Emission test

If you wish to know what else an M.O.T. will entail, please contact us for more details.

Pass, Fail and Advisory Notice.
After a full M.O.T. test has been carried out, you will be provided with a Pass or Fail Certificate, and may also issue you with an Advisory Notice.

A Pass Certificate indicates that VOSA’s rules and regulations have been met and that your vehicle is safe to be on the road at the time of the test.

A Fail Certificate means that your vehicle has not been deemed roadworthy as it does not meet the rules and regulations set by VOSA. The certificate will list the faults found, and if the work that needs to be done is carried out within 10 days after the M.O.T. test, there will not be a fee for retesting. However, if the required work is not carried out within 10 days the vehicle must have a new M.O.T. test for which you would be charged.

How Do I Book My M.O.T. Test?
To book an M.O.T. test with us, call us on 0161 483 6586

Prices for MOTs, Servicing and Oil Filter

MOT and Oil change from £75.00

MOT and Interim Service from £89.99

MOT and Full Service from £129.99

Front and rear brake pads from £45.00